Mechanical and Hydraulic ID Scarfing Tools

Count on SAAR USA for a
complete line of superior,
long-lasting scarfing tools
for smooth ID surfaces

Scarfing Tools

Count on SAAR USA for a complete line of superior, long-lasting scarfing tools for smooth ID surfaces

Optimize your tube and pipe production with scarfing tools
that will help you get the job done faster,
more efficiently, and with less downtime.

Mechanical and Hydraulic ID Scarfing Tools  |  Nicking Wheels  |  Impeder Systems  |   Cutting Rings

Saar’s scarfing tools and related products are superior, longer lasting, and will help increase your tube and pipe production. Our engineering and manufacturing processes produce great tools with a unique modular design that are both easier to install and disassemble. We can help you reduce scarfing downtime and give you better customization options in your production process.

Give us a call to order our tube scarfing products. You’ll be more than convinced you’ve made the right choice. Our complete ID-scarfing and OD-scarfing systems consist of all of the components you’ll need for high efficiency tube and pipe production.

scarfing tools

Our new line of hydraulic and mechanical scarfing mandrels is equipped with double wheel pressure carriages or double pressure legs to assure optimum mandrel stability inside the tube. The shortened cutting ring holders reduce the distance between the cutting point and guide rolls. This results in significantly reduced bending of the mandrel and a perfectly smooth and chatter-free scarfing surface.

scarfing tools

Install an ID nicking wheel as shown in place of the grooved top guide roll. Notch the ID weld seam in order to obtain small chips during ID scarfing.

Our short towbar and impeder systems are manufactured as one piece. Without seams or weak connections, oil or water leaks are eliminated and rigidity for the highest scarfing accuracy is maximized.

scarfing tools

Tube penetration is extra thin and protected with SAAR carbide pins. This allows us to move the mounting and suspension system to the last fin pass and shorten the overall length of the scarfing system. This not only simplifies the installation but significantly increases the rigidity and stability of the tow rod system, making it much more responsive for fine tuning adjustments.

Scarfing Tools

Saar Hartmetall invented the doughnut style ID cutting rings more than 40 years ago. Our ID cutting rings are the best in the industry and we guarantee a durability increase between 30% to 300% over our competitors. Available with different coatings such as TiN (VTA) or TiAIO  (VTB) and angles for all kinds of materials for tube Ø 0.5” – 24”.

With our complete in-house carbide manufacturing capabilities, we control the entire process from forming to machining and are able to produce the exact carbide grades over and over again.

Identifier Active Radius (mm) OD (mm) ID (mm) Height (mm) 36° 46°
SR 0 / AR 4.5 4.50 8.0 4.00 4.00 yes yes
SR 0 / AR 6.5 6.50 10.0 6.00 4.50 yes yes
SR 1 / AR 7 7.00 13.0 6.00 5.00 yes yes
SR 1 / AR 8 8.00 13.0 7.00 5.00 yes yes
SR 1 / AR 9 9.00 13.0 8.00 5.00 yes yes
SR 2 / AR 10 10.00 19.0 9.00 8.00 yes yes
SR 2 / AR 11 11.00 19.0 10.00 8.00 yes yes
SR 2 / AR 12 12.00 19.0 11.00 8.00 yes yes
SR 3 / AR 14 14.00 22.0 12.00 10.00 yes yes
SR 3 / AR 17 17.00 22.0 15.00 10.00 yes yes
SR 4 / AR 19 23.00 30.0 17.00 12.00 yes yes
SR 4 / AR 23 23.00 30.0 20.00 12.00 yes yes
SR 5 / AR 25 25.00 35.0 22.00 12.00 yes yes
SR 5 / AR 28 28.00 35.0 25.00 12.00 yes yes
SR 6 / AR 34 34.00 45.0 30.00 15.00 yes yes
SR 7 / AR 39 39.00 50.0 35.00 15.00 yes upon request
SR 8 / AR 46 46.00 55.00 40.00 18.00 yes upon request

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