OD Scarfing Tools

Count on SAAR USA for a
complete line of superior,
long-lasting scarfing tools
for smooth OD surfaces

Count on SAAR USA for a complete line of superior, long-lasting scarfing tools for smooth OD surfaces

Optimize your tube and pipe production with scarfing tools
that will help you get the job done faster,
more efficiently, and with less downtime.

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Saar’s scarfing tools and related products are superior, longer lasting, and will help increase your tube and pipe production. Our engineering and manufacturing processes produce great tools with a unique modular design that are both easier to install and disassemble. We can help you reduce scarfing downtime and give you better customization options in your production process.

Give us a call to order our tube scarfing products. You’ll be more than convinced you’ve made the right choice. Our complete ID-scarfing and OD-scarfing systems consist of all of the components you’ll need for high-efficiency tube and pipe production.

scarfing tools

Whether you process large, heavy gauge pipe, automotive or structural tubing, carbon or stainless steel, aluminized or galvanized materials, we have the right tool holder and insert for your application. Our 63- and 83-series OD scarfing inserts are considered the benchmark of the industry and guaranteed to increase productivity. Ask us for a sample and let the results speak for itself! Our scarfing inserts are available in more than 20 different radii.

15° Inserts for Deburring Stainless Steel Tube and Pipe (Series 63)

Scarfing tools
Identifier (-Radius) Cutting Radius (mm/inch) Series 63 Equivalent
SDUN 190416-R00 VTA No Radius M
SDUN 190416-R10 VTA 10mm / 0.394″ B (R12)
SDUN 190416-R15 VTA 15mm / 0.591″ C
SDUN 190416-R18 VTA 18mm / 0.709″
SDUN 190416-R20 VTA 20mm / 0.787″ D
SDUN 190416-R25 VTA 25mm / 0.984″ E
SDUN 190416-R30 VTA 30mm / 1.181″ F
SDUN 190416-R35 VTA 35mm / 1.378″
SDUN 190416-R40 VTA 40mm / 1.575″ G
SDUN 190416-R45 VTA 45mm / 1.772″
SDUN 190416-R50 VTA 50mm / 1.969″ H
SDUN 190416-R60 VTA 60mm / 2.362″ I (R63)
SDUN 190416-R70 VTA 70mm / 2.756″
SDUN 190416-R80 VTA 80mm / 3.150″ 63J (R75)
SDUN 190416-R90 VTA 90mm / 3.543″ K

30° Inserts for Deburring Aluminum and Galvanized Tube and Pipe (Series 63)

OD scarfing tools
Part No. Cutting Radius (mm/inch) Series 63 Equivalent
SGUN 190412-R00 10mm / 0.394″ M
SGUN 190412-R15 15mm / 0.591″ C
SGUN 190412-R20 20mm / 0.787″ D
SGUN 190412-R25 25mm / 0.984″ E
SGUN 190412-R30 30mm / 1.181″ F
SGUN 190412-R40 40mm / 1.575″ G
SGUN 190412-R50 50mm / 1.969″ H
OD scarfing tools

Inserts for Deburring Stainless Steel Tube and Pipe

OD scarfing tools
Indentifier Cutting Radius (mm/inch) TiN Coated TiAL Coated
SOMH R9.5 241mm / 9.5″ VTA VTB
SOMH R6.0 152mm / 6.0″ VTA VTB
SOMH R4.5 114mm / 4.5″ VTA VTB
SOMH R3.25 83mm / 3.25″ VTA VTB
SOMH R2.5 63mm / 2.5″ VTA VTB
SOMH R1.5 40mm / 1.5″ VTA VTB

OD Solid Inserts for Rotoscarf Systems and OD Nicking Wheels 

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Are you using a Rotoscarf OD scarfing system? Take a look at our latest concept for maximizing results in your Rotoscarf. Our solid inserts are easy to regrind and come in the same long-lasting quality as our traditional 63- or 83-series inserts. Available soon in different radii, coatings and angles.

scarfing tools

In order to improve mill operator safety and to reduce handling of hazardous OD scarf materials, more and more tube and pipe mills are eliminating their bead winders and instead are choosing to install our highly efficient OD nicking wheels. Simply attach the OD nicking wheel to a pneumatic cylinder and notch the weld seam. The scarf will easily break into small chips.

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