Stationary Beveling MachinesMMB Series

Saar USA stationary beveling
machines make it easy to
prep metal plate for your
most challenging weld projects.

Stationary Beveling Machines

Saar USA stationary beveling machines make it easy to prep metal plate for your most challenging weld projects.

MMB 400

MMB 400 Stationary Beveling Machine
MMB 400 Stationary Beveling Machine

For beveling high quantities of workpieces with up to 3/4″ bevel.

The MMB 400 are versatile, high-speed stationary beveling machines. They can apply straight bevels on smaller work-pieces. The rule of thumb is: If you can pick it up, it can be beveled by the MMB 400. Due to its high throughput (up to 10 ft/min) it is very well suited to bevel high quantities of similar work-pieces. It is also capable of processing coupon size or long and narrow workpieces of any length. The angle is seamlessly adjustable between 30° and 60°. The beveled surfaces are smooth and burr-free.

  • For use on straight plate segments
  • Bevel width up to 3/4 inch
  • Bevel angles from 30° to 60°
  • Produces smooth high-quality bevels

MMB 500

For hands-free beveling of plate & bar stock at a variety of angles.


The MMB 500 is suitable for processing small, medium, and large aluminum, steel, and stainless steel plate and bar stock workpieces. The machine is designed for hands-free operation and is capable of providing a variety of bevel angles between 30° and 60° (25° and 55°).

This high-speed stationary beveling machine produces a very high-quality bevel and is suitable for a multitude of beveling applications. The MMB 500 features separate, variable speed motors for feed-rate adjustment and a milling head with eight, 4-sided indexable inserts.

  • Bevels metal plate and bar stock
  • Bevels aluminum, steel, stainless
  • Variable angles between 30° and 60° (25°/55° or 20°/50°)
  • Variable speed motors for feed-rate and milling-head
  • Hands-free operation due to rubberized drive wheel
  • Milling head with 8, 4-sided indexable inserts
  • Feed rate up to 10 feet/min
  • Bevel widths up to 1-1/8  inch (30mm)
  • Automatic air/oil lubrication system
  • Easy access to milling head
  • Safe operation
MMB 500
MMB 500

MMB 600

MMB 600 Stationary Beveling Machine

The MMB 600 is made for high production rates of large bevels. Our MMB 600 machine is well suited for steel, stainless steel, and other high-strength steel. This stationary beveling machine has five offset contact wheels that are adjustable in height, which gives precise guidance of the workpiece. The machine is right for production and series production environments. Available with backstops and low-speed milling for even tougher materials.

For high production beveling of large workpieces with high stock removal.

  • For processing small, medium, and large workpieces
  • Suitable for aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and high strength steel
  • Very high bevel quality and high stock removal
  • Particularly suitable in series production
  • Feed system uses one feed wheel for small parts and five feed wheels for large parts
  • Feed rates up to 10 feet/min
  • Separate variable speed motors for feed rate and milling head, electrically adjustable in height
  • Chip collection bin included
  • Precise guidance of the workpiece
  • Automatic air/oil lubrication system
beveled edge

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