Stationary Beveling Machines for Pipe

Saar USA high-performance
beveling machines for
precise weld seam prep
on tube & pipe.

Pipe Bevelers

Saar USA high-performance beveling machines for precise weld seam prep on tube & pipe.

The LGA Series large pipe beveling machine utilizes ceramic grinding belts for high-quality weld prep on pipe, tanks or vessel segments. 

The LGP Series beveler is ideally suited for large pipe, tank, or vessel segment weld prep. This high-performance machine applies the abrasive ceramic belt grinding technology developed for plate beveling to round components. Pipe diameters can range between 1′ and 6-1/2′, and wall-thickness can be up to 4″. The LPG machines offer unique capabilities and are the best choice to bevel and face bigger and thicker round components.

large pipe beveling machine

LGP Series Abrasive Belt Pipe Beveling Machine

large pipe beveling machine

The LGP Series is the workhorse for beveling large diameter and/or thick-walled pipe, tank and vessel segments. This CNC-controlled, abrasive belt beveling machine features an adjustable rail system for easy handling of large pipe lengths and diameters. An optional rail extension system is available upon request.

Main features include:

  • Bevels pipe, tank, and vessel segments
  • Bevels pipe diameters from 1′ to 6-1/2′
  • Bevels angles from 0° – 60°
  • Bevels wall thickness up to 4″
  • CNC-controlled abrasive belt beveling machine
  • Adjustable pipe rail system for multiple diameters
  • Optional rail extension system available

MMP Series Stationary Pipe Beveling Machine

The MMP Series Stationary Pipe Beveler is perfect for beveling tube and pipe up to 6.7 in diameter. It offers a variable milling speed control and can precisely bevel multiple parts quickly and efficiently.

  • Ideally suited for tube and pipe fabricators
  • Variable milling speed control
  • Easy and safe to operate
  • Bevel diameter range: 1 to 6.7″
  • Bevel wall thickness up to 5/8″
  • Bevel widths up to 3/4″
  • Bevel angles from 15° – 60°

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