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6 Frequently Asked Questions before Buying Beveling Machines

Not all pipe beveling machines are created equally. There are obvious questions concerning how well the machines work and how well they are built, along with lesser thought about questions concerning the quality of manufacture and how well the tool will continue to work in the future. At the United States division of Saar- Hartmetall, we take enough pride in [...]

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What is Bar Peeling?

Bar peeling may sound like some late night activity that goes on downtown, but it actually refers to a metalworking process. Although the metalworking type of bar peeling may not be as much fun as the downtown type, it's an important step in the manufacture of precision parts. Bar peeling occurs relatively early in the metal forming process. When steel [...]

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Beveling and Chamfering: What’s the Difference?

The terms bevel and chamfer are sometimes used interchangeably in shops, but is there a difference between the two? Not all industries make the distinction, but in metalworking applications there is usually a clear difference. Both processes remove material at an angle to the surface, removing burrs and imperfections from the potentially sharp edges of work pieces. The difference relates [...]

J Bevels vs. V Bevels

If you are new to beveling and welding operations, you may have heard of a V bevel and a J bevel but not know the advantages and disadvantages of each type—or the reasons why there are different types of bevels at all. Many pipe-beveling specifications require taking off the metal at a constant angle relative to the end of the [...]

Why Are Automated Pipe Beveling Systems Worthwhile?

Why Are Automated Pipe Beveling Systems Worthwhile? Could the beveling tasks in your shop be improved by using an automated pipe beveling system? In the majority of cases, they probably can. However, you have to consider all the benefits that make an automated system worthwhile and compare it against the investment and operating costs. The way to start is by [...]

The Evolution of Pipe Beveling Machines

Beveling of cut pipe sections has always been an important part of the welding process, but before the invention and evolution of pipe beveling devices, beveling was more of an art form than a science. Skilled steelworkers through the ages have been able to use combinations of torch work, hand grinding, and other artisan methods to produce a visibly fine [...]

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Do You Need a Programmable Beveling Tool?

Programmable tools can greatly increase your shop efficiency under the right circumstances, but programmability often adds to the expense of a piece of equipment. When it comes to beveling, how can you determine whether you should order a beveling tool with programming capability? As a general rule, you should do a cost-benefit analysis based on the workload in your shop. [...]

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Bevel Safely: Safety Tips for Using Beveling Tools

All businesses want employees to work in an efficient manner, but nobody wants their employees to work in an unsafe manner. Safety must be taken seriously at all times in the workplace, especially when working around potentially dangerous equipment such as beveling tools. Here are a few ways to make sure that your beveling tools are being used as safely [...]

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Beveling Tools

You’ve invested wisely in high quality beveling tools, and you want to make the most out of your investment. These tools really are an investment instead of just a purchase—you intend to use them to produce your own high quality products and get a return on your investment through increased sales and customer loyalty. Like other investments, you want to [...]

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