A portable pipe beveling machine can be an important component in your tooling set. Smooth handling of your entire range of beveling tasks saves time and results in consistent pipe supplies and high quality welds at the job site.

Portable pipe bevelers are well suited for pipe fabricators, but also have value in field applications. The best type for your situation ultimately depends on the nature of your job. Consider these traits and how they fit into your job requirements.

  • Consistent Performance – A portable pipe beveler must provide a smooth, burr-free beveled surface within the job specifications every time. Stick with reliable brands with solid construction and verifiable results.

  • Flexibility –You need a durable tool that can handle the total range of your job requirements – a challenge if you are a fabricator that supplies a wide variety of finished pipe.

    Can the beveler handle all of the types of pipe diameter, wall thickness, and composition that you are likely to encounter? Is it easily adjustable? Does it give you easy facing capability to deal with uneven cuts or irregularities on the pipe end?Can it handle non-standard angles and a suitable range of bevel depths and shapes?

    For jobsite work, flexibility may refer more to the ability to make a precision bevel under challenging field conditions.

  • Speed –Speed is important for pipe fabricators, but it can’t come at the expense of performance. Your beveler must be able to make consistent cuts at a good operating speed with minimal passes. For a portable unit, a minimum setup time is equally important.

  • Operator concerns – The best beveler in the world has no value to you if it can’t be operated safely. Operators must be protected against excessive noise and potentially toxic fumes caused by excessive heating of certain metals and alloys during the beveling process.

For most applications, the MMP Series of portable pipe bevelers from Gerima meets all of these needs. MMP bevelers are durable and fast enough to handle all your job shop needs yet light enough to make field work less challenging.

Set-up time is short so you can efficiently and easily handle successive jobs of alternate sizes and requirements.Heads for beveling angles of 30° and 45° are available along with the standard 37.5° head, with additional angles available upon request.

The MMP-S model (for pipe diameters 3.5”-12.75”) and MMP-L model (for 10” diameters and above) can both handle up to a ¾” bevel width and pipe wall thicknesses up to 5/8”.

Gerima pipe beveling tools do not generate excessive heat or noise, making them a superior choice for operators. They are also available with pneumatic or electrical operation.

Gerima products are distributed by Saar-Hartmetall USA. To find out more about how Gerima portable pipe bevelers can increase your productivity and lower your costs, contact Saar-Hartmetall at (859) 331-8770 or by e-mail at contact@saarusa.com. If pipe-beveling issues are hurting your bottom line, can you afford not to call?